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New Organise a Online Meetings. Gather your community for a limited time (one2one qualifed meetings in HD VisioMeetings, online conferences etc….)
A Major Innovation
Live management allows participants to complete their meeting schedule in real time during the event
Unique Connect your remote top buyers to your event : they can honor their meetings despite unforseen circumstances or transport difficulties.
Secure your event in the event of strikes or attacks,immediately switch all or part of your participants to Rdv one2one HD video and webinars.
New Organise a Online Meetings. Gather your community for a limited time (one2one qualifed meetings in HD VisioMeetings, online conferences etc….)
Organise your event from A to Z...
01. Registration management
02.WYSIWYG form
03. Online Payment
04. Billing
05. Conferences & webinars
06.Challenges, pitches & workshops
07. Business meeting
08.Multiplanning management
09. Private event management
10. One2one video
11. Availability management
12. Site visits
13. Choice of stands
14. Choice of furniture
15. Meals & hotels
16. 15. Multiligual
01.Respective website
03. Emailings
04. Coupon codes
05.Social networks
07.Call services
08.Qualification of leads
09.Management of leads
10.Sales follow-up
11.Public catalog
12.Interactive catalog
13.SMS notification
14.CMS / CRM
15. Roll-ups
01.Coaching organisation
02.Management of participants
03. Program management
04.Management of orders
05.Management of stands / places
06.Collaborative management
08.Exports & imports
09.Targeted emails
10.Targeted calls
11.Predicive catalog
12.Matchmaking / planner tool
13.Printed catalog
14.Quantity / flow management
15. APIs
Live Management
01.Printed badges
02.Printed schedules
03. QR Codes
04. Scanners
05.Check in real time
06.Real time flow management
07.Open meeting zone
09.Registration live
12.SMS broadcasting
13.Participation by distance
14. Surveys
...OR we manage for you
Project Management
01. Public Refinancing
02.Retroplanning actions
03.Communication supervision
04. Selection of sites
05. Providers Management
06. Follow-up calls
07. Logistique coordination
08. On-site management
01.Qualification of files
02.Generation of leads
03. Traffic generation
04.Exhibitor mobilisation
05. Recruitment of top buyers
06. Conference registration
07.Selection jury challenges
08.Startup selections
01. Strategic planning
02.Cross-chanel marketing
03.Omni-channel communication
04.Marketing automation
05.Promotional production
06.Ad hoc developements
07.Partner coordination
08. RGPD compliances
01.General governance
02.Redaction specifications
03.Quotation & selection of service providers
04.Security commission
05.Floor plans of the event
07. Scenography
08. Stand build up
Vimeet is leader
meetings organised per year
events managed
used in

of conferences
of experience
A 100% flexible platform - Recent, the latest technologies, agile method.
A PREMIUM service - Intuitive & fast registration, facilitated choice of appointments , a human support with very high added value, webapp of live generation appointments.
The most innovative in the market - Visio appointments, WYSIWYG registration form, predictive engine, Webapp for linking...
Who are we?
With 550.000 business meetings organised per year, PROXIMUM Group is the French and European leader in the organisation of pre-scheduled meetings.

Our platform Vimeet is an abitious platform for managing exhibitions, business meetings, conferences and speakers, ticketing, automatic online invoicing, etc….


Economia FR Actualité
Bérengère CORBEL,
Deputy Director, SOGENA
Vimeet is an undeniable asset for the success of our professional exhibitions: Euronaval and Euromaritime. The performance of the tool and the commitment of the Proximum teams enable us to offer our customers a quality BTOB service that contributes to the success of our events.
Susana MAURE
Senior Marketing Manager, InnoEnergy
We have been working with the Vimeet platform for our TBB event for three years. Their solution for organizing business meetings is very efficient and allowed us to have more than 2000 meetings organized during the last edition. The project team, Mael and Antoine, have always been attentive to adapt the platform to our particular needs and have been a great support during the preparation and also on site. Their professionalism and their support at all levels (registration, invoicing and B2B management), helped us to face the organization of a great event in a serene way.
Marjorie CAVAYÉ
Project Director / Co-founder,
Mademoiselle Associée
We have been using Vimeet for 5 years for the Hacking of the City Hall. The platform allows us to organize 4000 BtoB meetings every year with efficiency and offers us a real time saving in the centralization of the participants' registrations. The team of project managers is attentive throughout the organization of the event.

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