Optimised business meetings

Much more than a technology, a real craft!

BtoB Matchmaking

Correlation of offers and your participants' needs through artificial intelligence:

  • Catalogue / directory of participants with profiles by relevance
  • Advanced filters, search by specific criteria
  • Multimedia presentation of products and services in the catalogue
  • Personalised and interactive presentation sheets
  • Ability for each participant to see who has viewed their profile
  • 2,180,000 meetings organised and held in 2021.
Zoom sur la capture de leads
Zoom sur la capture de leads

Meeting calendar

Smart meeting scheduling algorithm

  • Double meeting validation
  • Unavailability management and calendar synchronisation
  • Equitable distribution of meetings can be activated
  • Meeting status dashboard
  • Post meeting rating tool (1 to 5 stars)
  • Follow-up of meetings rated 4 and 5 stars, with an automatic connection to plan the second post-event meeting.
Zoom sur la capture de leads

Concierge / Watchtower

Real-time monitoring of meetings

  • Meeting management tool
  • Control tower by slot / location
  • Digital gong at the end of the meeting
  • Meeting reminders by push notification
  • Reporting tool for meetings agreed

of the meetings organised on the Vimeet platform are held on the day.

Rendez-vous hybrides

Hybrid meetings

Make your event hybrid with our personalised calendars

Spaces at the event venue are set aside for business meetings via the Vimeet platform's video rooms with participants who are remote or at other event sites.

WebApp live event

WebApp live event

Make lead processing easy with the Vimeet webapp.

Take advantage of lady luck! Allow your attendees to scan the badges of people they meet on site, so they can exchange contact information and schedule a post-event meeting.

Déjeuners/Diners algorithmiques

Algorithmic meals

Turn attendee leads into future partners

Based on the ratings of the meetings obtained during the matchmaking sessions, Vimeet creates the seating plans: meetings rated 4/5 stars are placed together to strengthen their relationship.

Frequently asked questions on this topic


What is B2B matchmaking?

The definition of B2B matchmaking is the bringing together of two people, based on common affinities. It is similar to "twinning", or in French "jumelage".

In the case of BtoB matchmaking, it is about putting professionals in touch with each other. The objective is to create affinity meetings based on a correlation between the offer and the need of each person.

What are the benefits of using A.I. for B2B matchmaking?

BtoB matchmaking is powered by artificial intelligence. More concretely, the A.I. represents the overdeveloped brain of the platform.

While the human brain needs time to calculate, and is limited in its mental faculties, A.I. has the power to mathematically compare many more parameters. It understands every detail of how the platform works to save the participant time in their searches and is more accurate.

Like a high-performance calculator, it offers an experience, a program, and a relevant connection, by correlating profiles. Today, the use of Artificial Intelligence is no longer an option, it is an essential.