Generation of qualitative leads

Promise your attendees the generation of qualified contacts and leads of high-conversion potential.

Scheduled meetings

Business at your fingertips

All meetings scheduled by our algorithm can be exported with the notes made by each participant after their meetings.

Unscheduled meetings

Unplanned does not mean unplannable

All confirmed matches but not scheduled by the algorithm, due to lack of mutual availability, are also exportable. The written & video chat space, within the Vimeet desktop platform or mobile app, allows your participants to meet during the event, if the opportunity arises.

Zoom sur la capture de leads
Zoom sur la capture de leads

Meeting ratings

At each interaction (business meeting, workshop, conference), participants rate their meeting (from one to five stars) on Vimeet.
These statistics allow us to understand the business potential generated by the participants, and even to multiply it with algorithmic dinner, premium post-event follow-up, etc.


The essential discussion tool

This additional feature allows you to generate additional contacts instantly and increase your participants' chances of doing business.

Zoom sur la capture de leads

Contact scan

The improved business card

Concentrate your leads by scanning your on-site meetings via the Vimeet webapp to add them to your database of qualified contacts.

And above all...

Post-event lead follow-up assistance

  • After each completed meeting with a 4 or 5 star rating, both participants receive an email from the organiser encouraging them to immediately schedule a second post-event meeting.
  • 10 days after the event, participants without a second scheduled meeting are contacted again.
Zoom sur la capture de leads

Frequently asked questions on this topic


What is lead capture software?

Lead acquisition software is essential for businesses seeking growth, as it provides new sales opportunities and increases productivity.

Lead capture software provides a platform for B2B marketers to increase the number and quality of their conversions, and thus identify new customers from multiple sources, including social media ads, lead capture forms, blogs, websites, etc. It allows marketers to improve conversion rates and identify new customers through lead acquisition from multiple sources, such as social media ads, lead capture forms, blogs, websites, etc.