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What is an event management platform?

The planning and execution of an event can be complex. Using an event management platform can ease the burden on event organisers.

Rather than having one tool for registration, another for schedules, and yet another for online meetings, event management platforms like Vimeet are designed to be a one-stop shop.

By consolidating all the information needed to organise an event on the Vimeet platform, the job of the organisers is made easier, freeing up their time to create a memorable and positive experience for their guests.

Why use event management platforms?

Event management software can help bridge the gap between the physical aspects of events (venue, equipment, catering, attendees, etc.) and the digital aspects (such as event registration, social media promotion and email marketing).

Having all this data in one place makes it much easier for organisers and participants. The event management platform also allows you to measure the success of your actions.

Finally, effective event management software can help planners organise multiple events simultaneously.