Focus on registration management with Vimeet

Website & social networks

Putting your event in the spotlight

Together we design the communication template that reflects you and you invite your community to discover what your event will look like.

Email campaign

Get your community to engage around your format

Together we define the right guest management strategy for your event using optimised templates for each target.

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Registration form

Quantify and qualify your audience

CWe build the right methodology to manage your online registrations and engage your future participants according to their visit objective.

Online store

Proposez une expérience sur mesure

Offer a customised experience Set up the best business model to guarantee your ROI and that of your participants.

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Access control and checks

Securing the reception of your guests

Beyond the creation of badges and simple access control, we offer a new feature for confirming attendance in diaries.

Push notification and live management

Keeping your community active during high points

We let your community manage their agenda live in real time, and notify participants about schedule updates, event highlights, etc.

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Advanced statistics

Manage the performance of your event

Understand your community's behaviour so you can ensure an increasingly tailored experience through a dashboard with KPIs (registrations and attendance by type, meeting gauge, meeting ratings, tracking of networking exchanges, monitoring of sales, etc.) while ensuring data protection.

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Frequently asked questions on this topic


What is the purpose of a registration platform?

Event registration software helps event marketers announce their event, invite attendees, manage the registration process and communicate with attendees.

With Vimeet, you can also process event tickets and accept payments. The software then provides participants with a web portal where they can login to participate.

Finally, event organisers and hosts can typically export a list of attendees and their contact information from the platform once the event is over (in compliance with GDPR).

What are the benefits of using an event registration platform?

Event registration software helps make your event planning more efficient by centralising the registration experience allowing you to track and communicate with attendees.

For the attendees, the event registration tool offers them an easy way to register for the event and track the different sessions.

Using an event management platform like Vimeet brings you a complete system. As part of the same event management software, you have an entry point for your participants (the online event registration tool). This provides a global experience in terms of the catalogue of event attendees or even video meetings between them.

What should an event registration form contain?

A participant fills out a registration form in four steps:

  1. Their personal details so they can be identified as an individual (Mr/Mrs, First name, Last name)
  2. Their profile information for use on the platform, the elements that build their avatar (email address, password, profile picture)
  3. Their corporate information, which can vary according to the event. The organiser defines a customised classification in order to qualify their database, and to create the most relevant connection between participants. It is a collection of declarative information (company represented, size, turnover, etc.)
  4. Confirmation of having read the legal regulations (general conditions, GDPR, etc.)

How do I register for an event on an event management platform?

To register for an event on an event management platform, the participant:

  1. Fills in the event registration page signalling their intention to participate, with their identity, profile, company information and confirmation of legal regulations.
  2. Validate their participation via the online store, allowing them to pay safely in the case of paying events.
  3. Enters the platform to fill in their company presentation form.