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Organise a Next Gen Event

Animate and gather your community for a limited time (1 to 3 days). On D-Day and from their desk, your participants:

Make one2one qualified appointments in visioMeetings HD,

Attend online conferences,

Participate in challenges.

A journey planner
Simple & intuitive
Online registration
Each participant creates their individual or corporate presentation sheet.
Notification of Attendance
Your participants indicate their days and hours of attendance.
Their preferences are modifiable until D-Day.
Choice of meetings and conferences
Each one selects and solicits the interlocutors whom he wishes to meet from the on line technical catalog. Our predictive algorithm proposes in priority the most relevant files. Selection of conferences and other events that will be integrated into the individual schedule.
Sending organised agendas
Your attendees receive their individual agenda of qualified appointments, conferences, challenges and other selected events.
We call all participants before the event to validate their schedule and perform technical tests.
No loss of time, no transportation and accommodation costs.
Each one makes his qualified appointments safely, intervenes and attends his conferences via an encrypted connection.
A help desk organiser service 
Our teams supervise your event.
As soon as a scheduled appointment has not started as planned, we intervene with the 2 participants to solve the difficulty and ensure the connection.
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A growth driver
complementary to the physical event
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