Use the online store and monetise your event

Make registrations and payments easy with an intuitive and modern shopping basket.

Secure and integrated payment system

Integrate online payment into the registration process, directly on the Vimeet platform. Your participants can choose between several secure payment methods.

Intuitive and personalised use of the online store

  • Set up your pricing categories (packages, options, promotional codes) according to the type of participants. Add visuals and descriptions to each product to encourage purchase.
  • The payment process is set out clearly in 4 simple steps.
  • Taking an option triggers conditional rights (access to certain categories of participants, displaying more content, etc.) and allows for automated customer management.
Zoom sur la boutique
Zoom sur la boutique

Real-time sales tracking

  • From your organiser account you can follow the performance of your event with precise filters (e.g.: in the shopping basket, payment pending, already paid).
  • Take advantage of these KPIs to carry out targeted reminder campaigns (unpaid forms, incomplete payments, etc.)

Stocks and marketing shortages

Manage your stocks to indicate quantities by products and thus adapt the availability and the restocking of the products in the Vimeet store.

Zoom sur la boutique