The 3D hybrid, be here and there at the same time

Increase the attractiveness of your event by creating a unique hybrid 3D environment for your participants.
A guaranteed return on emotion (R.O.E.)!

An optimised physical experience...

Beyond the event platform, our membership of Proximum365, the leader in affinity networking, means we can provide you with additional services:

  • Communication: creation of your promotional website, email template, etc.
  • Logistic management of your event
  • Marketing management: marketing automation, social networks, etc.
  • Marketing via our multilingual sales staff or premium lead generation campaigns.
Zoom sur l'événement 3D

... Amplified remotely courtesy of a 3D environment, a stepping stone for your future Metavers

The easy-to-use, lightweight solution offers a 3D experience that is directly integrated into the Vimeet platform through collaboration with the state-of-the-art 3D modelling expert, Fairtual Technologies France.




Network café

Pavilions & Lobby

Offer your participants a selection of predefined or customised pavilions and lobbies. Advertising spaces, Full 3D, flexible rentals to guarantee engaged visitors!

Exhibition hall - stands

Take advantage of 1 to 8 exhibition halls to encourage your exhibitors to create their own customised booth, and highlight sponsors and partners (advertising panels, LED walls, etc.)

Conference rooms

Plenary or breakout sessions, live or replay, interactive or top-down: all conference formats are possible!

Network café

Different thematic rooms exist for spontaneous meetings. Lady luck in 3D!

A video illustration of our 3D environment

On the 1 - 2 April 2022, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines organised its first Book Fair "Les Visionnaires", a literary event that questions the world of tomorrow. Physically at the Vélodrome National and online through the Vimeet platform, the hybridisation of the event was backed up by a personalised 3D environment. An unforgettable experience!

ThreeDee World

With its virtual experience, Fairtual Technologie continues the adventure with ThreeDee World: enter the event metaverse!

  • A virtual world in which companies, schools, institutions and individuals meet and multiply their business.
  • A photo-realistic environment, built by specialized architects, for a complete immersion of the participants.
  • Simplified access: you can enter this universe with a simple wifi connection, without having to create an avatar.

Offer your participants an exceptional experience and boost their business: create your ThreeDee World!