More than a platform, an event agency

Focus on what is essential to you, our event agency will take care of the rest.

The Vimeet events platform is published by PROXIMUM365, the world leader in One To One events. From the design to the culmination of your event, we master the entire value chain: tell us which bricks you want to take care of, we will take care of the others.

2,186,000 appointments organized in 2021

What if you could see further than
the technology platform?

The use of Vimeet is accompanied by feedback from the event organiser PROXIMUM365, creator of the platform and international leader in targeted matchmaking.

Marketing and communicationstrategies

  • Your targets are drowning in information every day,
    PROXIMUM365 shares the know-how of its teams with you, specialists in knowing how to transmit specific, captivating and viral messages adapted to your event.
  • Together we can design an event that reflects you
    Creation of the event's website, consulting on event communication, social media management, emailing & SMS campaign, qualificationof databases.





Sales management and ollow-up
of participants

Take advantage of our unique expertise as a business convention organiser to guarantee your success: PROXIMUM365 has organised more than 500 proprietary events in all business sectors and target markets.

  • Generation of leads / qualified contacts,
  • Recruitment of premium profiles,
  • Support for pre-event registration,
  • Internal call centres,
  • Invoicing and account management of the event.

Logistical management of the LIVE event

Shine in the room with your partners and participants while we take care of the event backstage:

  • Management of the stands and signage,
  • Reception and access control,
  • Installation of the Visio equipment,
  • Management of calendars,
  • Recording of streams and setting up of the Replay.


After the event, we give you all the cards to help your participants capitalise on high-potential leads, and you benefit from everything that could possibly help you to measure the success of your event.

  • Targeted surveys of participants,
  • Follow-up of meetings rated 5 stars,
  • Real-time dashboard and KPIs,
  • Global post-event assessment.